Month: July 2021

  • New Series: Needle + Brush

    New Series: Needle + Brush

    I shared recently that I’ve started to mess around with painting. It’s been fun and interesting to experiment and push myself. I’ve never considered myself a painter, so playing with these materials has been a breath of fresh air. I also believe this art will help inform my hand embroidery (which I have no intention…

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  • Award Winner

    The annual Woodlawn Pope-Leighey Needlework Show is the largest needlework exhibition in the US. Located in a historic property in the greater Washington DC area, this show is unique for another reason: it is judged but not juried, meaning that everyone who submits work will have their work exhibited. Usually, artists submit their work to…

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  • Gone Art-ing

    No real blog post this week because I am out of town! We are finally back in Chattanooga, Tennessee visiting my husband’s family. So instead of a regular post, please enjoy these pictures from the Hunter Art Museum:

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  • Secret Ambitions

    Secret Ambitions

    I have shared a little bit before about having been diagnosed with a progressive inflammatory disease that causes internal bleeding, and that I was able to have a life-changing operation last summer that has resulted in my going into remission. After years of feeling ill and dealing with constant, excruciating pain, I found myself at…

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