Update + Shop Launch


It’s been a while since my last blog post. Quite a lot has happened, both good and bad. For this space, the most significant things are:
We successfully moved to beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee!
I got a job hand knitting garments professionally for luxury and couture high end fashion houses!
I learned how to weave!

It feels very much as if all of the skills and interests I’ve been cultivating over the last several years have finally fit together. I’ve even returned to writing – look for more on that in a future blog post. To that end, I’ve decided to launch an online store!

This is my first hand woven tapestry collection! Some include hand embroidery, some are more textural. All of them are for sale in my shop, opening today(!), Friday, October 28 at 1pm EST.

Also in this shop update is a hand knitted garment I designed myself:

This shrug is so fun that I almost kept it for myself. I love the cream white yarn with eyelash texture, adding some fluff without making it bulky. I added some sleeve detailing, too, which you can see in this picture. Possibly the best part about this shrug is that it’s machine washable!

(Side note: I have not been giving models enough credit. It is weird and sort of difficult to show off a garment while also posing and managing one’s facial expression and not blinking and figuring out lighting and a background and and and)

This shop launch is just the beginning. I have a ton of ideas about what to include in upcoming updates. There will for sure be knitting patterns in addition to more hand woven items and hand knits.

Thank you all for reading and for your support on this winding creative journey!

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