“Scythia” in Ukraine

At the end of last year, as I was thinking through my goals for my art for 2021, I wrote down that I would like to have my work juried into an exhibition that took place in another country. Around that time, the organizers for the annual Scythia textile exhibition reached out to me and suggested that my work might be a good fit.

For those that aren’t familiar with the art world, curated exhibitions go to a selection process known as jurying. A group of people will sort through all of the entries and decide together which will work best for the exhibition in mind. This means that being invited to submit work to a show is not at all the same thing as being guaranteed a spot.

This show is called the 10th International Biennial Exhibition of Mini Textile Art “Scythia.” It’s a well known exhibition that takes place in Ukraine every year with a different focus: sometimes it’s fashion, large scale pieces, etc. This year the focus was on small pieces, “mini” and “micro.”

Due to the established reputation of the show, the artists who participate are located all over the world (check out the list of countries in the poster to see where this year’s participating artists are from). In other words, it’s competitive and I was not at all sure my work would be chosen. I’ve been invited to submit and then not been juried into the final lineup before.

It was really exciting to get the email that my work had been chosen! I can now say that I am an internationally exhibiting artist. Fancy.

The exhibition has been held in Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine this month. The organizers have been kind enough to send photos and videos from the show:

It’s so cool to see my work on display even though I can’t attend the show. I’ve been to Ukraine before, but not that city, and I would have enjoyed exploring somewhere new.

Another neat thing the organizers sent the artists were Ukraine-local news clips from the exhibition. See if you can spot my work:

Also cool is this still from one of the news clips. If you look at the card below the art you can see my name written in Ukrainian!

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