“The Artist’s Way”

I did it. I finished the book.

I started “The Artist’s Way” after it kept popping up everywhere – from friends mentioning it, to artists I follow on Instagram sharing it in their stories. Everyone was saying it was amazing so I bought the book with no idea what it even was.

In case you don’t know either, “The Artist’s Way” is a 12-week course on creativity. Each week has a reading portion and a “homework” portion with tasks to complete during the week. In addition, participants are supposed to free write 3 pages a day (think: stream of consciousness) and take themselves on an “artist date” once a week (think: fun activity for your inner child).

As you progress through the course, you learn more about yourself. What parts of yourself have you hidden away? What passions have you been too afraid to pursue? The book also focuses heavily on relearning how to play.

I have to say, the things I got out of this book were not what I expected. Though I had no idea what the book actually was, I expected a study on creativity would inspire me to finish a bunch of embroidery projects and maybe crank out half of a novel or something. Instead, I started painting, established a consistent yoga practice, rearranged my entire studio, and planted a garden.

Then, in the final weeks of the book, I picked up a needle and also started working on a novel.

The book certainly takes you on a journey within yourself. It was perfect for this season in my life – moving on after 3 years of being so sick.

Looking at where I want to go next, I am exploring options I had never considered before. More than anything, the program opened my mind to different possibilities and helped take the pressure off of Making Art. I have changed a lot since I started “The Artist’s Way” and I am not done discovering all of those changes.

If you are a creative person (or wish you were!) in any capacity, I recommend this book!

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