Fiber Junkie

Switching between projects is one of my favorite ways to boost my creativity and keep up my enthusiasm for my projects. They do say a change is as good as a rest! I like to have a lot of things on the go. My embroidery projects help me be a better writer, and my other fiber projects help me be a better artist.

I do very little planning before I write or start an embroidery project, preferring to discover the right next step as I go. This is a very engaging and interesting process, but it can also cause some stalling when I need to puzzle out what’s next or why something isn’t working.

These moments are perfect for my yarn habit.
(Yes, I take breaks from my fiber art by doing other fiber art.)

In my studio right now I’ve got a big writing project going and two embroidery projects. It’s too soon so share any of the projects yet, but I can say that the only reason I’ve got two embroidery projects out is because one of them is on that dissolvable fabric. I both love and hate the dissolvable fabric, so I’m also stitching something else when I feel frustrated with the fiddly fabric.

On the side(s), mostly in the evenings and when I’m watching TV, I’ve been working on some “stash buster” yarn projects:

This crocheted cardigan is my most recent yarn finish. I designed it myself after perusing some patterns for making a cardigan from two hexagons. I used Bernat velvet and baby velvet, so it’s super soft. The sleeves were left 3/4-length because I always end up rolling them up.

So around Christmas time, I accidentally ordered a bunch of velvet yarn with no plan because there was a sale going and I have no self-control. Oops. I knitted a sweater for myself with some of it and then crocheted the cardigan above, but still had some skeins leftover. I decide to use up the rest of the scraps and skeins to make a blanket. It’s one giant granny square of softness! Working with green now and then blue is the last addition.

You’ve seen my current knit if you follow my Instagram stories. I’ve been referring to it as my “crazy knit” because, well, look at it:

It’s folded in on itself in the picture, but it’s nearly 5 feet/1.5 meters long. It’s highly textural and made with a bunch of black, white, cream, and gray yarns all around the same-ish thickness. I’ve been making it up as I go along. It’s getting close to done now. I plan for it to be as long as I am tall.

My last work in progress is this insane monster-blanket. It’s made from scraps of things I made when I was sick from acrylic yarn I no longer appreciate now that I’m a horrible yarn snob. I’ve had the scraps and squares sitting around and just decided to crochet them together into a picnic blanket. It’s scrunched together here but it’s fairly large.

This blanket is mostly crocheted but the rainbow-y squares are knitted. Those squares were from when I taught myself to knit! I used thick yarn so they would work up quickly and I could practice casting on, casting off, knit, and purl.

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