Most: Exciting, Mundane, Accomplished, Confusing

A studio update in four parts: 1 Most Exciting, 2 Most Mundane, 3 Most(ly) accomplished, 4 Most Confusing

1 Most Exciting

The most exciting thing this week is that preparations are in full swing for the Surface and Depth show in Rome, Italy! You may recall that my work has been juried into a show taking place in Rome during Rome Art Week, the last week of October. The exhibition feature artists that have been juried into the Society for Embroidered Works, and explores the themes of surface and depth within embroidery. I am delighted my work will be included!

2 Most Mundane

I’ve shared before that I’m the type of person that needs several projects going on at once. I mostly give updates about my embroidery and writing, but there is also crochet and knitting and crafting and earring making and sewing and painting and drawing and and and

And that makes for a cluttered workspace. I’ve been trying to solve my dilemma of unlimited interests versus very limited space, and decided a try a new method. I found some short bins that work really well for storing projects. I now have half a dozen of them full of projects and a surprisingly usable work table! (Now to organize bin storage…)

3 Most(ly) Accomplished

Well I have finally finished my latest hand embroidery project! Okay, almost. I still need to mount it for hanging but I’ve run into some issues and I’m not sure yet which direction I should take. But at least the stitching is done! I’ve started sharing progress shots and videos on my Instagram account. Meanwhile, the piece is hanging my a clothes hanger in my studio closet until I can sort out something better.

4 Most Confusing

My current writing project is firmly in Editing Mode. This is always intense, as I do my best to shred my previous efforts and make even more work for Future Courtney (I’m sure she’ll appreciate it). I’ve printed this manuscript out and decided to try untangling it longhand because it needs a lot of notes and consideration before making final changes. This way, I can write all over it, leave sticky notes, and keep track on a notepad. I’m glad I’ve done this because I’ve already done a lot of flipping back and forth, and I know that would be both confusing and frustrating on a screen – it’s confusing enough on paper!

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