Beginning 2022 with “Hope”

In January, I completed my first piece for the year. It’s called “Hope.”

“Hope” depicts a hand embroidered sphinx moth sitting near a genuine chrysalis. The moth was embroidered using cotton threads, with the word “HOPE” stitched across its wings in metallic threads. After the moth was stitched, the piece was stretched across a frame and stapled into place. The chrysalis was then carefully attached using cotton floss. A black gesso-ed canvas was cut to shape and added behind the embroidery and stapled into place. The piece was then wired for hanging.

Hope is a uniquely human concept, shared across all cultures, languages, peoples, and times. It is also an heirloom passed from parent to child and then back again, as children bring hope to their parents and grandparents.

A moth was chosen because it seems counter intuitive to fabric, much as we sometimes find hope in strange places. Moths and butterflies are also spiritually indicative of transition. The chrysalis serves as a reminder of loss and the passage of time. Finally, the word “HOPE” was stitched in small glittering letters, inviting the viewer closer; sometimes we have to give things a second look before we find the silver lining.

This piece is currently on display at the 59th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show in Alexandria, Virginia where it has won the 2022 Director’s Award.

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