Pest Control

I was feeling sad about the invasion in Ukraine so I decided to make art about it. When there’s not much else you can do, making social commentary art helps me to process emotions while creating a statement – in this case, offering support to Ukraine.

“Pest Control” is my latest hand embroidery finish. The piece features a hand embroidered portrait of Vladimir Putin stitched it to a blue flyswatter with yellow cross stitching that recalls the Ukrainian flag. To make it, I first cross stitched the flyswatter, then stitched Putin’s portrait onto water soluble fabric. After I completed the portrait, I dissolved the fabric, let it dry, and then stitched it to the flyswatter.

I have struggled to come up with an adequate name, but finally settled on “Pest Control” after receiving a lot of suggestions.

I am pleased to share that “Pest Control” and “Dr. Fauci’s Burden” have both been juried into the 14th International Textile and Fibre Art “Scythia” exhibition. The show is held in Ukraine but has been moved online this year for obvious reasons.

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